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About Prodkye

Hi, my name is Kohl and I am the Co-Owner of Nuella & Owner of BlueFruit. I have been in the music and audio field for the past 7 years with love for music and film. I had my own studio self taught doing studio sessions and audio production for clients I amassed. I recently got into 3D Modeling and Unreal Engine 4 & 5 in the end of 2021. I Dont have formal experience, like college, but I pride myself in being self taught just like I did in my audio field. I am currently working on a small game with a small team. I have had practice with project development, team leader skills, and also learning the pipeline process of game dev. I have been using multiple programs for the last couple years with blender being relatively new although I know what Im doing when attempting a task. I strive for high quality art no matter the task. Programs I use include - photoshop, premiere pro, after effects, Blender, Marmosett, Substance painter, and Unreal Engine. Recently Lightroom for photoediting. I am currently working on learning Zbrush and 4ds max as they are more standard in the industry. I have also done some website design including this one ! I strive to learn as much as I can!