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Blue Fruit (Artist Studio)

4 My Colony is In Development for PC (TBD - Xbox Series X and Playstation 5

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Sun Season, Antarctica 508 FE

Earth has changed again, Significantly. The last of humanity now lie on a once unhabitable region. Antarctica. Many people have spread across the land joining colonies in a time of all out war, everyone fighting for their own reasons. There are only four known colonies in this new forsaken land with little intel on what other what is left of the world. The colonies that currently occupy Antarctica are Mecca, Shadow, Federall, and Zeros. Federall Templars formed from the people that were on Antarctica back in 2056. Mainly  consisting of researchers, scientists, and some high government officials. They stayed in research bunkers to investigate groundbreaking technology found below Antarctica's surface. There was technology that was unexplainable at the time and therefore researched thoroughly by the US Government and other nations. Many conspiracy theorists said there were secret alien bases hidden from the world under the ice's surface as stories were leaked throughout the years. The theorists were right and the land was named, Agartha. Technology found in the underground world, Agartha surpassed human tech at the time. They had KryoGenics, advanced radiation suits, and a lot more unidentified tech. This also helped them stay alive during the end of the world. Most of the world's governments had some part in the operation hoping to be the first to discover what really happened there. Until in 2056 a giant meteor hit earth breaking off and destroying most of the planet. Not only did pieces drop all over the globe but a mysterious purple gem like substance was found inside the meteors given code name "rezrite".100 years later nuclear reactors melted all over warming up the globe and Antarctica started to melt. Years later as the ice unfroze, the once unseen surface was now an open landscape with flourishing vegetation. As decades went by the humans that were stationed there during the calysmic event were able to survive with underground bunkers fortified with advanced technology. After this period, they started to inhabit the new world. Though a new world comes with new surprises. Not only did Antarctica melt but so did the once advanced civilization that came before the human race, known as the Zeros. This highly intelligent human like species dates back to the dawn of time, begging the question. How?. Their architecture paved the way and idea for many of the ancient structures that amazed once famous scientists and great architects like the egyptian and mayan pyramids. Zeros come from an unknown place and little is still known about these mysterious beings. The little we do know is they bring darkness and havoc to anyone who stands in their way. Also they are extremely intent on collecting the purple gem like substance found in the meteors that hit Earth. Shadow colony has been constantly at war with the Zeros since the first sightings. Shadow Colony's goal is to figure out what happened to the world and fight for democracy, as their enemies, federals and Zeros fight for control and power. As time went on higher signs of radiation started appearing from melting reactors, so much so that some zones are off limits because even suits can take that much radiation. Many people cannot take any radiation, though some people can. It was rumored that the Zeros' were doing experiments on humans to test radiation effects. The people that were affected are now  known as Mecca Colony. A ruthless group of thugs that fight alongside the Zero's helping further their objective. Radiation does not hurt them now, but how? What other things could the Zeros have planned? What is this mysterious rezrite material and why is it so important to the Zeros? Many unanswered questions haunt the new land. Will you solve the mystery? Will you put the new world back together? Fight as Shadow, Federal, Zeros or Astro Colony in an all new upcoming fps. Action will be intense and decision making on the battlefield will be crucial. Play as small tactical teams against other colonies to solve the story, upgrade your colony and find out what lies ahead. Which colony will you be?

Get a first look at the story lore and start learning about what colony you will fight for !

Meet The Team

Kohl Clark


New Battle royale

All new style never seen before. Creating an fps fresh and enjoyable with a twist from the BR concept!

Colony Building

Your Colony your move. Build, Execute, Conquer

Big Map

Open world area with multiple colonies at play for action packed encounters.

Multiplayer ready

Get competitive, have some fun, get creative. The sky is not the limit

Donation Tiers

First Look

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